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Welcome to expatriates

The Town is happy to help you and hopes you will enjoy living here . This page is dedicated to newcomers. We will try to answer the questions faced by every foreign newcomer and help guide you through your move.

Croissy overview

Croissy-sur-Seine maintains the feeling of a small unspoilt town which still has many family run businesses based along  a high street which retains a lovely community atmosphere. Enjoy the charm of a stroll along the Seine while experiencing the historical neighborhood named "Le Pays des Impressionnistes". Croissy is also known as the home to the British School of Paris which is located in a large green campus catering for English-speaking children of over 50 nationalities (about 70% of them British) from ages 3-18.

Yvelines Boradcast news

Croissy discovery tour - Newcomers Day !

The next newcomers day will be held on Saturday October 4, 2014


We'll introduce you to Croissy international associations and help you with the main
services and activities of the city.   You will receive English documentation and we will try to answer to all questions faced by every foreign newcomer and help guide you through your move.

For your information, the program this afternoon:

  • Cruise
  • Reception 
    •  Meeting with elected officials,
    • Meeting with key associations host
    • Stand of the tourist office of the Pays des Impressionnistes
    • Stand of the city of Croissy
    • Show for children with Liliclownette in an side room.
  • Welcome by Jean-Roger Davin, Mayor
  • Cocktail for all ages

The registration will be open May 2014

Recycling guide of Croissy

Sorting is necessary to help preserve the environment.

Please read and follow the instructions on this recycling guide

For all questions about calendar sorted wastes :01 30 09 75 36  (green number)

For all questions about glass bin , waste bin, newspaper/plastic bin or garden bin : 0 825 800 789 (0,15€ ttc/min)

Croissy Public Library

Address : Espace Chanorier
12 Grande rue - Croissy

Contact : 01 30 15 02 94  - Bibliotheque@croissy.com

When to go :

  • Tuesday 4.00 PM - 6.30 PM
  • Wednesday 10 AM - 6.30 PM
  • Friday 4.00  PM - 6.30 PM
  • Saturday 10 AM - 6.30 PM

Web site : The library on line

Croissy Events

drapeau européen
European flag

The European festival

Celebrated here in Croissy-sur-Seine on the weekend closest to the 9th May, the European festival comprises an International Sports Day taking place on the Saturday in the sports stadium with a variety of competitions for all ages, followed on the Sunday by a Music Day for both children and adults. This event is organised by the town-hall and Les Amis du Jumelage, with the collaboration of the British School of Paris and the Music School of Croissy.

enfants habillés en orange couleur de la fête de la carotte
People all dressed in orange for the procession

Carrot festival

It is the traditional festival of Croissy, "carrot capital" since the mid  19th century. As ancestral home to the vegetable which once gave glory to this former market-gardening town, Croissy pays hommage to the carrot with an annual festival held on  the second weekend of September. The itinerary includes a torchlight procession, fireworks, evening DJ, mass of the 'Saint Fiacre', procession of floats, the traditional great meal “beef carrots”, a forum of local associations, fun fair… a great festive occasion for all generations.

concert view of people and pianist
Concert into the chapel

Romantic festival

Since 1999, this has been an unmissable event for all lovers of romantic music ! Organized each year in mid-October within the charming surroundings of the Saint-Léonard chapel, the Romantic Festival is dedicated to concerts, exhibitions, readings and performances based around a musical and literary repertory. Teaching concerts and animations on instruments are also a 'big hit'.

Sales on the street

Jumble sale

Organised in October by the town-hall in conjunction with the Scouts and Rotary Club, this is an open-air market where local residents can sell any personal items making it a convivial gathering for all with bargains galore.

Go back in 19e century

"Grenouillère" festival

The festival of the 'Grenouillère', very specific festival which comes from the name of a very typic place in Croissy, a little island where early in the mid-nighteenth century, boating attratcs the Parisians on the banks of the Seine.

The site is situated at the tip of La Grenouillère golf course, the approximately 2000 sq. meter site is opposite the Château Chanorier on the Croissy side and the Esso stadium on the Rueil bank. Due to works done in 1929, the island called 'le camembert' or 'le pot de fleurs' by Maupassant, and the Swedish pavilion have disappeared under backfill. The spot has hardly changed since. Today, access is by the path from the Bougival bridge or from the Impressionists' park at Chatou.

A peaceful place, a beath of fresh air and inspiration for many artists eager for mobile light and shivering shadows. Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Berte Morisot, Edouart Manet, Camille Pissaro et Pierre Prins ... As many painters that enjoy meeting in the aera, you wil be happy to live this jump in the past.

Don't forget to visit the Grenouillere museum

Saint Nicolas

Saint Nicolas

An december afternoon gathering for children aged from 2 to 15 to celebrate St. Nicholas, organised by Les Amis du Jumelage and parents from the British School of Paris. Christmas carols, games

Christmas fair

Lasting 3 days in early December, some thirty local artisans offer their creations and works of art covering a wide variety from trinkets, jewellery, Christmas decorations, pottery, paintings, but also special foie gras, wines, sweets, gingerbread and honey....


Voting rights

Voting rights of EU nationals 
You are a member of the European Union, therefore you can vote in France for European and town council elections. To exercise your rights you must fulfil the following conditions:
- For European elections a written statement indicating: your nationality, your address in France, if required your voting place in your country, a testimony that you are not deprived of your voting rights in your country and an engagement saying that you will vote only in France.
- For town council elections a written statement indicating: : your nationality, your address in France and a testimony you are not deprived of your voting rights.
Print this form to sign up for your right to vote :

Fill out the form, sign it and sign with and send it with the supporting documents 

Monsieur Le Maire 
Service Election
78290 Croissy-sur-Seine 

Croissy international associations

logo des associations

French Conversation Group

Would you like to improve your spoken French in a friendly and informal atmosphere and make new friends ?

We invite you to come and take part in a series of friendly gatherings for both foreign and French ladies. This invitation concerns those who have been living in Croissy for years, as well as those who have just arrived.
This invitation is for all nationalities.

to see the contact go in our directory

Croissy Sans Frontières

Organising cultural exchanges between families of the British School and French Croissillons.
Croissy is twinned with Danbury (GB) and Altenglan (D)  and
has a partnership with Geneva, Illinois in the (USA)

to see the contact go in our directory 

Croissy rules at a glance

Emergency contact, Croissy rules & régulations, local public transport, French administration

Please note that you may be billed for the use of the Fire Brigade or SAMU but part/all of the cost may be reimbursed by SECU or by your insurance.

For emergency calls from a mobile call 18 or 112

Call 18 for the Sapeurs Pompiers (Trained Paramedics & Fire Brigade) which have the quickest and best personnel for a life threatening situation. They can deal with serious accidents and cardiac arrests etc.

Call 15 for SAMU (ambulance/less severe medical advice) or 01 30 84 96 00

Call 17 for Emergency Police

For local Croissy Police, contact Police Municipale, 3 ter boulevard F. Hostachy, Croissy: 01 30 76 66 75 pm@croissy.com
This is a small office and has very short opening hours.

In Le Vesinet, there is also a large police station at 32 Blvd Carnot, 78110 Le Vesinet  01 30 15 76 60 which has longer opening hours.

Poison Control Centre (24hr) , Anti-poison Centre, Hôpital Fernand-Widal, 01 40 05 48 48. May not understand English so call SAMU (15) if you cannot understand them.

SOS Medecins 24/7 for less urgent situations, if your own doctor is unavailable (even in the night). They will make house calls. For Yvelines 01 39 58 58 58

SOS Help (English Language Crisis Line) (not an emergency service) Tel 01 46 21 46 46

International Counselling Service 01 45 50 26 49 ICS located at American Church of Paris, 65 Quai d’Orsay, Paris 7e - marital & family difficulties, depression, stress (individual or group therapy).

Emergency Hospitals

Always phone & check opening hours first as some are daytime only and other smaller clinics may not have 24hr anaesthetist cover. Some hospitals even ‘close’ some services during the summer exodus. You will find that many doctors will understand and speak some English.

- Centre hospitalier de St Germain en Laye, 20 rue Armagis, 78100 St Germain en Laye ; Ususally daytime emergencies only (8am to 8 pm) This hospital does tend to close many of its services during the French summer holidays, so telephone first. Tucked away in the back streets approx one block south of the market place (Marche Neuf) : St Germain-en-Laye : 01 39 27 41 00

-  Hopital de Poissy, 10 rue du Champ Gaillard, 78303 Poissy  - 01 39 27 51 17

- Centre Medico-Chirugical de l’Europe, 9 bis rue de St Germain 78560 Le Port Marly Emergencies : 01 39 17 24 24 , Appointments :01 39 17 22 22 Open 24 hr.

-Emergency room of American Hospital, 63 Boulevard Victor Hugo, Neuilly-sur-Seine (no paediatrics) 01 47 47 70 15 Please note that SECU may not reimburse expenses incurred here and if your insurance cover “pays 100 times SECU then you will still get nothing !! If you are lucky enough to get them to reimburse just a tiny amount then your insurance company may then start to reimburse something. Best to check your insurance cover / bank balance is adequate, before you start treatment. 

If your local chemist is closed, then it should display a notice stating which local chemist is open.
Call the "commisariat" 01 30 15 76 60  will have a rota of chemists in your area who are open ‘out of hours’
Pharmacie Derhy (open 24 hr), 84 Ave Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris. 01 45 62 02 41  

Technical emergency

Gas, Electricity & Water Emergencies 
ERDF Emergency / breakdown (Electricity) 09 726 750 78
GRDF Emergency / breakdown (Gas) 0800 473 333
Lyonnaise des Eaux Emergency / breakdown (Water) 0 810 879 879
Public lighting breakdown - free call   0 800 39 18 48   24/24

Croissy rules and regulations

Mairie de Croissy, 8 ave de Verdun, 78290 Croissy s/Seine 01 30 09 31 00 E-mail webmestre webmestre@croissy.com 
E-mail mayor jeanroger.davin@croissy.com

Opening hours :- Mon 15h-17h ; Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 8h30-12noon and 13h30-17h ;
Also term-time Saturday mornings 8h30-12h (only 2d and 4th staurday of the month but not open in French school holidays) . For civil/registrar business by apointement etatcivil@croissy.com

 Stationnement - Parking For all roads in Croissy 

Town Centre Parking Zones  - two zones effective 9h-19h Mon-Sat inclusively :
•Red Zone Spaces - free parking limited to 20 minutes (Blvd Hostachy)
•Blue Zone Spaces - free parking limited to 90 minutes (Blvd Hostachy, some of Ave Foch)

Please note, the underground car park on Boulevard Hostachy near the BNP also falls within the zoning rules but there is plenty of free parking under the trees near the church. The town provides parking discs to residents and non-residents alike. They are available from the local police office, the town hall and many of the shops (eg. the florist, mini green grocery etc.) Standard discs can be used for the blue zone.

Parking Fines for non-compliance and payment :
• 17 euros for failure to use a disc or overstaying the maximum duration
• 35 euros for parking on pavements, pedestrian walkways, bus stops or any other inconsiderate parking
• 135 euros for illegally parking in a space reserved for disabled drivers

If you do get a parking ticket, you take it to the Tabac in blvd Hostachy and purchase a parking fine stamp for the amount indicated on the ticket. You stick this to the parking ticket, put a postage stamp on it and pop it into the post box across the road at the Post Office. 

A new guide in english for Refuse Collections & the Environment will be soon online

Grafitti (TAG)
A specialised firm cleans the town's walls once a month. If you need their assistance then complete a request form and leave it with the Secrétariat des Services Technique at the Town Hall. There is no charge - but check as it may depend on each area.

Being a Good Neighbour

  • Use of Motorised Garden Equipment Allowed Mon-Fri 8h30-12h & 14h30-19h30; Sat 9h-12h & 15h-19h; Sun & Public holidays 10h-12h. Everything stops for Sunday lunch!
  • Brulage - Garden bonfires are only allowed :
    Winter (1st Oct to 31st March) from 13h–17h
    Summer (1st April to 30th Sept) from dawn until 11h, except Sundays and public holidays. 
  • Elagage - Tree cutting It is your responsibility, whether a tenant or owner, to ensure that any trees, plants etc. on your property are not blocking the highway, pavement, electric cables, telephone cables or traffic signal cables or causing difficulties for neighbouring property. It is also your responsibility to clear the pavements bordering your property from leaves, snow etc. and to put down salt on any ice.
  •  Nettoyage de vehicules - Car washing It is not permitted to wash cars on the public highway, though the regulations say nothing about using your driveway. If you don’t have a driveway, you can use the car wash/jet wash at the Total petrol station, rue des Ponts, Croissy. 

Local public transportation

  • The local bus Ligne 7 (run by veolia) runs from La Celle St Cloud station (SNCF – Gare St. Lazaire) to Chatou-Croissy Station (RER Line A). You can buy a ‘carnet’ of bus tickets from the Tabac in Croissy village. This costs a little less than paying the driver, though this is also possible – but try to have change! From La Celle St. Cloud terminus you can then take the bus to Parly II or to Versailles.
  •  Ligne 6A, 6B, 6C a circular route only (run by bus En Seine) to Le Vesinet Centre and can be picked up at stops along Rue de l’Ecluse from Chemin du Ronde. You can use your Carte Orange on all the buses. Fares are staged and each stop has a name.
  • Line 20 Le Vésinet Le Pecq RER - Le Vésinet center RER - Chatou-Croissy RER
  • RER A station Chatou Croissy 

Useful links

Official Website of the French Government Tourist Office

Croissy today and yesterday

From the Arc de Triomphe in Paris it only takes 15 minutes by suburban train (called the RER or Reseau Express Regional) to reach the leafy haven of Croissy.   That’s assuming no strikes or delays which sadly are somewhat of an integral part of the French way of life today!  But crossing the island where the Impressionists would gather – to wine and dine, swim and sail, and occasionally paint- and the river Seine, one has the feeling of escaping the toil and turbulence of the big city and arriving into a sleepy backwater.  

The town has a certain quaintness with a small central shopping street which hosts a colorful open-air market twice a week, with no high-rises.  The old part of the town is close to the river, with its 12th century chapel and imposing 18th century Chateau, and nearby a house where Josephine Beauharnais escaped to with her two children to avoid the horrors of the reign of terror just after the Revolution of 1789, and where it is thought she first met her future husband Napoleon Bonaparte.  

Croissy has therefore a rather charmed location; close to Paris, on the river, yet somewhat off the beaten track lying in an oxbow of the Seine as it winds its way out to the west past Rouen to the sea.   But being on the river was not always an advantage, as the few inhabitants who eked out a simple existence fishing and farming discovered when the marauding Vikings came around the year 850 pillaging and plundering their way in an attempt to reach Paris.   The villagers were almost wiped out and the population was sparse until the end of the 12th century when the church was built and acquired a lord of the manor and a more permanent population, being situated between two royal castles :  the Louvre in Paris and St.Germain-en-Laye, some 5 miles to the west.    Although the town grew slowly in the following five centuries, it was the introduction of the first passenger railway line from Paris in 1837 that produced an explosion in the population.  And brought not only the Parisians looking for an escape from the city into the countryside but young artists, writers, and musicians also looking for a more leisurely peaceful setting.  Whilst the area is known as ‘The Impressionists Country’ and the home to numerous paintings (several of which are in the Chicago Museum of Art), Maupassant lived and wrote in the area, as did Alexandre Dumas, Turgenev, and where Debussy was born and Bizet composed his ‘Carmen’.   

Although the town has changed a lot in the last century, doubling in size every 50 years (from 2,250 in 1900, 5,000 in 1950, and 10,000 today), and the market-gardening for which it was renowned for its carrots, navets, and salads has virtually disappeared, it still retains a small-town atmosphere with an active community spirit and identity.  Apart from its riverside homes, several parks, and a large sports ground and stadium, it also is home to the British School of Paris with nearly 900 students, and has recently a techo-park for new business and commercial premises.  Thereby integrating its rich historical past with the dynamics and life of the modern age.     

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