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Croissy for English speaking citizens

Croissy-sur-Seine maintains the feeling of a small unspoilt town which still has many family run businesses based along a high street which retains a lovely community atmosphere.

Enjoy the charm of a stroll along the Seine while experiencing the historical neighborhood named "Le Pays des Impressionnistes".

Croissy is also known as the home to the British School of Paris which is located in a large green campus catering for English-speaking children of over 50 nationalities (about 70% of them British) from ages 3-18.


Croissy rules and regulations

Stationnement - Parking 

Town Centre Parking Zones  are free but limited
Parking disc is mandatory
The restricted areas are marked by panels regulation 
On boulevard Hostachy 30minutes
Others marked streets 60minutes
2 parkings Lelcerc and Canotiers (on bd Hostachy) are free and 2h00 limited.

Parking Fines for non-compliance and payment :

  • 17 euros for failure to use a disc or overstaying the maximum duration
  • 35 euros for parking on pavements, pedestrian walkways, bus stops or any other inconsiderate parking
  • 135 euros for illegally parking in a space reserved for disabled drivers

If you do get a parking ticket, you take it to the Tabac in blvd Hostachy and purchase a parking fine stamp for the amount indicated on the ticket. You stick this to the parking ticket, put a postage stamp on it and pop it into the post box across the road at the Post Office.

Grafitti (TAG)

A specialised firm cleans the town's walls once a month. If you need their assistance then complete a request form and bring it to the Police desk Park Leclerc. There is no charge.

Croissy’s Recycling Guidelines

Our recycling program is important to our town as it is essential in order to preserve the environment.

Please read and follow the instructions on this recycling guide :

For all questions about the collection schedules: 01 30 09 75 36 (green number) 

For all questions about glass, household waste, newspaper/plastic waste or bio-degradable waste: 0 825 800 789 (0,15€ ttc/min)

Being a Good Neighbour

  • Use of Motorised Garden Equipment Allowed Mon-Fri 8h30-12h & 14h30-19h30; Sat 9h-12h & 15h-19h; Sun & Public holidays 10h-12h. Everything stops for Sunday lunch!
  • Brulage - Garden bonfires are only allowed :
    Winter (1st Oct to 31st March) from 13h–17h
    Summer (1st April to 30th Sept) from dawn until 11h, except Sundays and public holidays. 
  • Elagage - Tree cutting It is your responsibility, whether a tenant or owner, to ensure that any trees, plants etc. on your property are not blocking the highway, pavement, electric cables, telephone cables or traffic signal cables or causing difficulties for neighbouring property. It is also your responsibility to clear the pavements bordering your property from leaves, snow etc. and to put down salt on any ice.
  • Nettoyage de vehicules - Car washing It is not permitted to wash cars on the public highway, though the regulations say nothing about using your driveway. If you don’t have a driveway, you can use the car wash/jet wash at the Total petrol station, rue des Ponts, Croissy. 

Voting rights

Voting rights of EU nationals 

As of Friday 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. The rights of British citizens residing and wishing to vote in France have been impacted by this event.



Croissy international association : Croissy sans frontières

This group organises cultural exchanges between the families of the British School and the French Croissillons through activities such as the “Walk and Talk” and the “St. Nicolas” event. Furthermore, Croissy is twinned with  Altenglan (DE) and has a partnership with Geneva, Illinois in the (USA). See contact

Local public transportation